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hiii, it's miyun (^___^)

soo.. i have a big question....
is there anyone willing to sell me this?

T-shirts [FINALE OF NYAPPY Ver.]

alrighttt, so i want it super badly. x___x
preferably either a medium, small, or extra small
i want to buy it from the an cafe website, but the shipping is wayyy too much for me!

is there anyone willing to sell me one?
i need proof that you're not just planning on scamming me, but i'd really really appreciate it if there was someone willing to help me (; > 0 <)

also, i promise i won't scam you xD
please help!
it's from an cafe's official online store.

if you're willing to sell, please contact me asap ;w; ラブラブ

domo~! ( > w <)
- miyun

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
13 April 2009 @ 04:04 pm

this weekend was wonderful~~! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ ラブラブ

it was the best time of my life ;w;

went to seeee...

ラブラブ AN CAFE! 音譜

mp10-1.jpg picture by veriteee

they were incredible о(ж>▽<)y ☆

so cute too! ラブラブ

i gave miku a doll.. ( > w < )

-i give it to him-

miyun: ah.. this is for you.. (;; > 0 < )

miku: ah, thank you very much... -picks up and looks at it-

ah. -looks at me- it's me. ( ^___^ )

miyun: ( o 0 o) ... ドキドキ EXPLODE ドキドキ

KYAANN~~ it was so cuteee~~~ ( ; w ; )

he was so adorable so adorable ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

i was so happy aya

mp2-1-1.jpg picture by veriteee

i saw their concert too! (=⌒▽⌒=)

it was a lot different than the last one i saw...

miku was a lot more... sexual.. ( o 0 o)

it was so intense! ( > //// <)

miku was licking his lips and doing pelvic thrusts and pelvic circles and he took off the shoulder of his jacket and he swung donald duck around his crotch...

( 0 //////// 0 ) ラブラブ

it was so beautiful! ヾ(@> ▽ <@)ノ

i blushed so much ( ; w ; ) ドキドキ
oh oh, and kanon..

when it was his turn to say something, he turned to the audience and said..

'i will make you melt'



( 0 ///////// 0 ) ラブラブ

i screamed so loud! ( > w < )

though not as loud as when miku was doing those.. things... ( o 3 o)

... о(;; >▽<)y ☆ ドキドキ

good lord, our boys are getting sexy... ( > 3 < )

but they were super cute too! (‐^▽^‐)

nyappy in the world 4 was INCREDIBLE live ≧(´▽`)≦

seriously, it was amazing! (°∀°)b

yu-ki did such a good job!

he was super energetic and kept up with miku's pace so easily 音譜

their little battle and then their cute dancey thing were super adorable о(~ >▽<)b ☆

miku-san gambatte~~! ラブラブ

takuya: do you love an cafe?

crowd: SCREAMMMM~~!



takuya: i love you too (^-^)

hehe! so cuteeee ( > w < )

oh, and did you see kanon's blog?



Was my pronounciation to native(LOL)?

Ok, let me try now by adding gestures and showing money
"Reais exchange OK?"

... (・∀・) no

So I couldn't exchange the Reais'

... LOL

poor kanon-san~~ ( ̄w ̄;;)

him and his reais...

such a cutie ドキドキ

mp5-1.jpg picture by veriteee

so, i'm getting tired now...

i guess i'll finish off this post then!

i'll post again eventually..

hehe, whenever i stop being so lazy (* ̄O ̄*;)

allinadayswork.gif an cafe gif image by dragonfirewave

BYE NYAPPY~! (*^▽^*)

18 March 2009 @ 10:54 pm
nyappy o(≧∀≦)o ! it's miyun <3

tara4.gif picture by veriteee

last update: 17 weeks ago



gomen, gomen, gomen~! > 3<
don't hurt me ;__________________;
i'm so sorry, i always make these promises to come back and i break them (; > w <)
i think i'm too lazy D:
... and busy (_ _ ) sighhh

i'm back! ( ^ w ^)

so, what should i talk about...
ooh, i know!

(not so new now... but i'll post about it anyways!)

ancafe_new1.png picture by veriteee

sorry, the pictures kind of squished >w<
so, what do you think? :3
i think they look adorable~
miku-san looks sugoi sugoi sugoi~~ ( * w *)
he looks so beautiful in the aroma pv~ ( * 0 *)
it's a little funny though, it shows him for like 4 minutes and the rest of them for like 4 seconds >w<

hehe, he said he didn't want to be called cute anymore >w<
but he'll always be my ☆ SUPER CUTIEEE ☆
kyaa1.gif image by veriteee

as for the rest of them..
takuya looks very hardcore! ( * 0 *)
rock rock~
i'm surprised >w<
when he said he looked a lot different, i should have taken it more seriously! xD
i think he looks handsome, but i liked his softer look a lot too <3
either way, he is beautiful~!

ahh, he will always be so cool! >w<
but this outfit is not his best ( x  0 <)
he looks a bit like a pilgrim.. (^_^;) 
hehe, oh well!
still a total cutie <3

teruki looks a little silly, i think.. ( > ω <)
like he's trying to look too young?
ah! i dunno x3
he's still very handsome ☆
just not sure about his current hairstyle, i guess o 3o

yu-ki looks very harajuku! <3
he's stylish, in his unique way~
makes me think very street fashion ☆

harajuku.jpg harajuku image by OmGaPiEcEOfToAsT

speaking of which...
i'm going to another an cafe concert in april! <3

i'm excited ( ^ 0 ^ ) <33
the question is...
what should i wear to the concert? o 3o
i'm not sureee ( > 3<)
should i wear my sex pot revenge stuff and some torn jeans?
the shirt i bought at their last concert, my other an cafe shirt?
lolita dress or miku cosplay?
gahh, so many options~! x___x

oh, speaking of which, i bought a new sex pot revenge shirt today ( ^ 0 ^ )~

Satsu T-Shirt 9u / %T%s%/ x %0%l!<

satsu t-shirt! <3
sugoiii ne?
i like it <3

and aaahh, i want this skirt!


可愛い 可愛い 可愛い~~~!
so cute ;w;
but they don't have my size ;0;
and it's expensiveee x____x
9333 yen ( - ^ -)
ah wellll~
i'll get a job annd work very hard! >w<
... as soon as im old enough ( > 3<)
i think.. one more year? ( o 0o)

ah! i'm getting off track! (* > 0<)
so.. annooo..
what should i wear to the concert? >w<

sorry this was so random~
my brain is scattered ( o ^ o)~

.. ah, i'm tired (; > w <)
i guess.. that's it for now?
i'll go watch another episode of kuroshitsuji! ( * w *)~~
fufufu shonen-ai overtones! >3

kuroshitsuji1.jpg picture by veriteee

i wish i could be as cool as ceil~ (* > 0<)
he is beautiful ;w;
hmm, i should cosplay him..

bye bye~~! <3

miyun o(≧∀≦)o
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: BLUE STAR ☆ - vidoll
15 November 2008 @ 06:57 pm

i'm so sadddd~ ; 3;
jun, nono...
my two favorites are gone. D':
and jun is sick...
tonsil swelling, is what i'm hearing...
aaah, that is so saddd
my heart is broken againnn ; 3;
i adoree jun...
i can't believe it. ;_____;
i hope he heals soon.
i wish the rest of the band luck too.
first there was bou. D:
so many good bands.
and now...
gahhh ;0;
i will miss them so much ;~;


forever v neu
good luck~ ;___; <33

just felt like sharing my heartbreak. ;___;
anyone else feeling super saddd? D':
there are rumors that nono left just out of concern for jun's health.
that so sweet ;0; <3
i hope they'll both come back after jun gets better...
but i also hear nono left because of different 'musical interests'...
he was doing so well with the oshare kei stuff ;___;
aah, i don't know what's going on...
i wish i knew ;~;

i'll updated again soonn
need some time to get over my sadness ( ' > w< )

love nyappy,

all my entries seem to be sad now (  > 0 >);
i'll try make more happy next time >w<
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: HONEY Bee★ - v neu
10 November 2008 @ 06:11 pm
i haven't updated for eight weeks. o____o
i'm so sorry! > 3<
gomen gomen...
i'm just...
i dunno (  > 0 <);;
always just too lazy i guess? >w<
but anyways~
i feel like talking about an cafe.

ancafe_royalty.jpg picture by veriteee

so. i love an cafe~~
love love love. <3
and i still love them now, i love the new members, i love everything.
dude, you don't know how much i respect takuya and yu-ki.
i even cut my hair like takuya's. :'3
but still...
i miss bou so much, it makes my heart hurt ;_____;

bou16.jpg Bou An Cafe image by X-An-Cafe

watching all those old videos again, looking at all those old pictures...
i crieddd ; 3;
i will always support an cafe, they will always be my favorite...
but it's so different without bou.

i liked their old musical style better too...
ah, i feel bad for that.

i still love their music.

their songs are still amazing, they still make me smile so hard it hurts...
i'll always love them.

i just wish bou-kun would come back...

... sorry ; 3;
i just took a trip to the past and it made me really sadd
whatever bou is doing, i hope he is so happy.

just watched the video for snow scene again
it's not  really one of their most popular, but i still adore it~ >w< <3
i dunno.
i feel like i should talk about something else too.
but i don't really feel like it. xD

i promise to update again soon~
and this time i'll keep that promise >w<

miyun <3
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
14 September 2008 @ 09:27 pm

it's miyun. ( = w = )
long time no write ( > w<);;
i guess i'll make this kind of short. :3

i need to make a playlist for my L.A. class. xD
i think i might use cherry saku yuuki? ( o w o)
but then..
it's kind of long D:
and i only have five minutes (  x____x);
troublesome~ ; 3;
definitely want to use at least one an cafe song (  > w <) <3
what song should i use? :3

i got my bass. ( * w *)~

mybabyyy.jpg picture by veriteee

pretty lovely. <3
i named him kanon. ( = w = )

hehe, i text too much.
.. we're so cool. ( = 0 = )/ <3

ac_32.jpg picture by veriteee

and finally...
i kind of want a puppy ;~;

ac_36.jpg picture by veriteee

so cute~ < (* 0 *  <)
and miku's hand ( > w<)~
gah~ much love~! (  * w*)

hehe, i think i'm gone. :D
good. 83

love love love,
miyun~ o(≧∀≦)o

Current Mood: sleepysleepy
07 August 2008 @ 02:34 pm

hello, it's miyun again~ :'3
i said i was going to post more often.
i.. i am bad at holding my word sometimes. x___x
gomen ne! >w<
i'm back though, with a fairly long entry~ 8D

so.. right now i'm listening to 'refrain' by the lovely dennou romeo. <3
 they really were such a great group!
beautiful music. ;w;
i really wish they hadn't disbanded. ;0;
anyone know why they did?
i've been so curious. ;____;
this year has been sad for the visual kei scene.
so many good bands have quit. D:
bis too...
i wish they wouldn't.
it breaks my heart. ;~;

cfab231e.jpg &#38651;&#33075;&#12525;&#12513;&#12458; image by ryuko_chan

i hate saying goodbye...
best of luck, darlings.

aah, i wonder if zekusu-kun will continue on the scene?
i really hope he does, he's really so talented!
he inspires me very much. <3
such an amazing bassist.

AkihabaraShounendanDennouRomeo-1.jpg Zekusu image by Kousei_ghost

i would cry so very hard if an cafe disbanded. ;____;
i know they had considered it after bou-kun left...
i'm just happy that they didn't.
gambatte kudasai! <3
i know they'll just keep getting better. 
miku's voice is growing so much!

on a lighter note, i dyed parts of my hair pink recently! :D (oh my, pun? >w<)
like this:

hair_HIKO1.jpg picture by veriteee

only the parts that hiko has blonde are pink. <3
muh pink is fading though~ ;0;
when i dye it again i think i'll go for rum red. :'3
kind of like hiko's again. xD

hiko_waka1.jpg picture by veriteee

i think it might turn out cool. <3
my mom likes it better than my current vibrant pink. xD

hmm, also..
i'm about to go to the dentist! D:
not excited. x___x
he's old and scary. ;0;
i think i'll have to cut this entry short, we're leaving in about five minutes..
sorry, loves~ >w<

maybe i'll add more on later. :'3
much lurv,
miyun <3

Current Mood: sleepysleepy
30 July 2008 @ 12:58 pm

it feels like it's been forever! >w<
though.. i suppose it has been.. ( o___o);;
finally back from that summer intensive! 8D
it was a lot of fun, really. <3
once you got past certain.. obstacles. x______x 
either way, i'm so glad to be back. ;w;
i missed my kimchi ramen! <333
so.. yummy.. <3


i got some cute clothes while at the intensive, actually. (  ' w') <3
i wish we had a delias where i live. x___o
but, ah well. >w<

speaking of clothes..
i'm dying for these socks:

super adorable, right? ;w;
and the shoes too, though you can't see them in that picture. >w<
i'm dying to order some white creepers.
i think i just may be able to convince my mother! ;D
.. hopefully. > 3<

oh, and also, i just started watching this BL anime. :'D

JJR_003-1.jpg picture by oh-so-troublesome

so.. cute.. ;w;
and so explicit. :'D
ahaha, my friend recommended it to me. >w< <33
it really is amazing. 8D

and.. going back to clothes..
isn't this adorable? ;w;

love the kimono style. <3
jeez, there are so many things i want to buy. ( > 0>);;
must.. get.. job..
.... in 2 years. xD
but, even if i was old enough to get a job i doubt i'd have the time. ;~;
why do i take classes after school?
why? >:0
i dunno, maybe i'd be able to convince my mom to let me drop a few..

oh, and a last addition. :'D
i've started playing phoenix wright, ace attorney. 83
it's such a fun game! :3
.. even if it takes me a while some times.. x____x
but jeez, at the end of the third case edgeworth was totally showing his gay side.
my BL alarms were going off! >:0
.. it made me giggle. 8D


hehe, i think i'm done now. ;w;
i'll be updating a lot more now. <3
LJ is fun~ 8D

lots of lurv,
miyun <3

Current Mood: contentcontent
19 June 2008 @ 11:48 am

aha, livejournal! 8D
well, this is my first post~ ( > w<)/
so.. alright, i think i have this figured out.. x3

i've been really sleepy lately. like.. i don't know. xD
i've been going to bed at 3:00 and waking up at 11:00 like every night. x______x
ah, summer's fun. ;w;
but that summer intensive is looming so close now.. ah, i kind of don't want to go. > 3<
.. kind of a lot. ( > A < )
but ah well, it'll be okay.

i am currently listening to..
free sky~ ( = w =)/
ah, i love my danger gang girls. :'3
i really want to be in a band like that. ; 3;
i'm learning guitar.
it's fun, though the calluses are taking forever to build on my fingers. x____x
it's okay though. :'D
i'm having fun. <3
i can't wait to find the rest of our group~ ;w;
but no singing for me. ( o_________o);;
my voice is..
just no. DX

AH I GOT MY GOKUTAMA ROCK CD~~ ( * w * ) <333
limited edition. ;3
it is..
amazing. ; 3;
miku's voice kills me. <3
and the lyrics inspire me so much..
gaaah, MIKU DAISUKE~~ <33

STAND BY YOU STAND BY YOU    hitori janainda
konoyo ni imi no nai mono nante nai
te o nobasunda    subete ga hirakeru   isshoni ashita o mukaeyo

ahh. <3
i think i'm done~ (  = w = )
for now..?
.... haii~ :'3
didn't have too much to say in this first entry. XD

bye nyappy~~! <33


my fingers are sore x___o

Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: free sky - danger gang